Moving to Ahwatukee Arizona

The Ahwatukee community is located in south Phoenix. It is bordered on the north by South Mountain Park, on the south by the Gila River Indian reservation, on the east by Interstate 10, and on the west by state-owned land. Ahwatukee Arizona is an ideal location with scenic views of South Mountain Park and close to all the amenities one would need. Ahwatukee, like most phoenix cities, has a rich past and an even brighter future. In fact, Ahwatukee was once home to 32 gold and silver mines.

Ahwatukee is a wonderful community with golf courses, restaurants, majestic views, great weather, great schools, and of course South Mountain Park (one of the largest city parks in the Country). South Mountain Park has hundreds of trails with spectacular views of the valley, making Ahwatukee a prime spot for avid hikers and bike enthusiasts. It is no wonder why Ahwatukee is one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona. Ahwatukee currently houses 85,000 residents and could reach as high as 120,000.

In 1971 development companies bought large tracks of land next to South Mountain for future planned communities and the people of Ahwatukee are glad they did.

The first home was built for a wealthy dentist, Dr. Ames in 1921. Later, in 1935, Helen Brinton purchased the home and named it Ahwatukee (Ah-wa-too-kee), a Crow Indian word that means ‘House of Dreams.’

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